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    Here are the changes to the WMRC rulebook for 2014. I have listed only the changes we have come up with here, see the complete rulebook at http://wmrc.ca/. There will be most likely some additional changes to existing gridding/qualifying rules-due to the new timing system- posted shortly, once we finalize those.

    2.8. “ Rider representatives will be consulted regarding rule changes that may affect their constituents. Rider reps may also be on the rules committee.”

    3.2. I. “Compete in a minimum of 6 races. At the discretion of the Competition Committee this requirement may be altered.”

    3.2.II. “Participate in at least 50% of race days as part of the race day team( set up/tear down track, help Race Director, Referee, etc.). “

    3.2.VI. (in the italicized text portion). **It is mandatory for all Novices, including Graduated Novices, to wear a high visibility vest at all times when riding on the track during a WMRC event.”

    3.6. “ An Expert classified racer who has not raced in 3 years will be required to pass a Race Checkout Session to determine suitability for racing and rider status.”

    4.11. : An event must have at least 4 racers starting for that event’s points to count toward OVERALL season points.”

    5.6.5. “ Only water or a non-glycol based additive such as Redline brand “Water Wetter, Motul “MoCool, LiquidPerformance “Ice Water”, etc. may be used in the radiator; anti-freeze or any other additive may not be used.

    7.1. “Novices on 595cc and larger inline-4 bikes, as well as large(over 700cc) Twins are isolated to Novice-Open class and shall not enter any other class.”

    7.2. “ Sportsman will be gridded on season points.”

    7.3. “ All types of tires are allowed.”

    7.7. “ Middleweight Twins (up to 700cc liquid cooled Twin cylinder motorcyles and up to 750cc aircooled two valve Twin cylinder motorcycles and Open Singles). Harley Davidson XR1200s prepared to AMA/Canadian XR1200 Cup specifications are allowed.”

    “ Twin cylinder Formula Classic bikes of unlimited displacement are allowed.”

    7.11. Change to “12 lap race”.

    8.14. “ Rear shock linkages must remain stock.”

    8 A. 8.2a. “ Honda CBR 300 may be entered but is not eligible for points.”

    8A. 8.10A. “ Slicks are allowed.”

    8 A. 8.12a. Delete everything after “ 88db.” ( Deleted portion applied only to sound levels at Greg Moore Raceway.)

    8 A. 8.15a. “ All types of tires are allowed.”

    9.4. “ All Formula Classic bikes are eligible.” To be added at end of existing wording.

    14.22. “ “ Jumping the Starter’s flag” shall be defined as " any forward movement crossing the startbox line before the Starter’s flag has dropped. “

    14.24. “ Riders who miss the warmup lap will face a penalty. All riders who miss the warmup lap will be held on the hot pit row parallel to the first starting row and will only be released after the start of the race when the starting pack has safely negotiated Turn 1. “

    17.27. “ Under special circumstances, such as unexpected heavy rain or start line accidents , time(up to 15 minutes )may be given by the Race Director- after having consulting with the affected race’s Rider rep- to the riders to get their machines in order . If the appropriate Rider rep would be directly affected by this decision, the race director shall consult a different Rider Rep. This can include tire changes or any other mechanical changes required to safely compete. Once the 3 minute warning has been announced, the race comes under Starter’s orders and no further special consideration or extra time shall be given. “

    I'd like to thank all the other Rules Committee members( Ryan Whittle, Dean Drolet, Alex Dmitriu, Jordon Aylen, Kelly Bell and Bez Cajee) for their time and input.
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