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    Greetings all ,
    This is the 2014 year end presidential report. Speaking on the behalf of myself and our current board of directors while we had our challenges it was still seen as a successful year.

    To help bring the club forward we purchased a new timing system for a nominal cost and implemented the system with only a few technical difficulties. We also started using a new computerized registration system that handles many of our operations, helping to reduce all the manual work. While there were a few bumps in the road regarding both these systems, I feel that as we improve and increase the equipment used, encourage more people to pre-register online, and grow more familiar with the systems operations I’m sure it will prove to be invaluable. In 2015 we hope to utilize even more of the system which we hope will further reduce volunteer time.

    I would like to personally thank many of the people who were a part of my team this year. First I’d like to thank my executive team, Bruce Aylen, Jason Hanson, Jayson Lynch and Mike Thompson for all their hard work this year.

    I also need to thank our operations team members, our starter Ron, Race Director Keith, Referee Joseph who finished their second consecutive year working with together. I noticed there was a vast improvement in decision making, time management and overall communication.

    I also need to thank volunteers like Pam who worked at our events in pre-grid and as our Volunteer Coordinator and who also volunteered many hours in between events to help with things such as the bike show and licensing.

    I must thank Bez, who was did an excellent job as the Novice Rider Representative and Jason who stepped into the role of the Expert Rider Representative; Jason was new to the rider representative position this year, but proved himself capable during a few stressful situations.

    Last but not least, I must thank long-time volunteer, John Cathie our timing and scoring guru who once again attended every round to help us and did a great job of learning and operating the new timing and registration systems -sometimes in some tricky conditions!

    I am so grateful for every bit of help given by those who chose to volunteer their time to help the club, without all of you working so well together we would not be able to put on these race events. Thank you all so much for your help, I hope to see you all again in 2015.

    Moving forward into 2015, we have some long time executives leaving us and moving on to other thing leaving voids in our executive board that surely will need to be filled, It’s great that already I’ve seen people interested in running for those positions already. We have a lot of great people in our club that have in the past volunteered countless hours within our club and are interested in continuing volunteering their time in a different capacity, by joining the executive. I commend anyone within our club that is willing to stick up their hand and volunteer to take time of out of their daily lives to come and help our club. Becoming a volunteer with a road race organization can be very demanding job, but it is also a fulfilling, personally rewarding experience. While it may not be for everyone, if you feel the urge and have the time to commit I would encourage everyone to try it at least once.

    To briefly expand on some of the discussions held during the regular general meetings and the executive meetings for the current executive’s future plans for the WMRC, we are discussing some new ideas which consists of the addition of some new classes to the race day schedule (while trying to maintain all our existing classes), we are looking at reintroducing a vendor role similar as to what existed a few years ago.
    Also meetings have taken place & business proposals have been proposed to some parties with the intention of getting some feedback as to some new ideas and new directions for the club, to see if it is possible to get outside support to implement some new programs . This has been briefly discussed at general meetings without going into detail as to not get everyone excited about the potential opportunities but we as your executive have seen in the past three months that these ideas have progressed and momentum has grown and I am pleased to say that we hope to have some deals finalized by the AGM and if all works out we will be very proud to announce a win-win situation for all members of the WMRC, one that would bring racers far more value for their dollar.
    These are exciting times but these plans are still ongoing and not currently finalized. While these details have not been released yet, please understand that there is no “big secret” . As always the executives are working on behalf the membership as they were entrusted to do so and once all of the research is done and we are able to say that our new vision is feasible we will bring it forward to the general membership, welcoming your input. We hope you will be as excited as we and see the potential benefit to our club.
    Stay tuned more to come.
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