2013 Western Canadian Championship (WCC) Official Dates

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    2013 Western Canadian Championship (WCC) Official Dates

    (WMRC) @ Mission Raceway (WCC)
    Round 1, April 27
    Round 2, April 28

    (EMRA) @ Stratotech (WCC)
    Round 3, July 13
    Round 4, July 14

    Classes Eligible for the WCC:

    WMRC Battle of the Twins (Middleweight/Heavyweight Twins) = (WCC) Formula Thunder/Battle of the Twins

    WMRC 600 Supersport = (WCC) 600 Supersport

    WMRC Open Supersport = (WCC) Open Supersport

    WMRC Formula Ultra = (WCC) Superbike
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    Do you think Troy and Gio would allow us to run timed qualifying sessions for the WCC classes at the end of their day? It's the only real way to get grids properly made up for those classes without creating an absolute nightmare for Gail. What we tried lat year was not good for Gail's mental well-being. :mad:
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