2013 Racer Training for the Track with WCSS

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    Racer Training for the Track

    Due to the great response to our first course, we have added an additional day at Tradex. See below for details.

    Have you thought about what it would be like to take it to the track? Whether you have previously participated in track days and you have now decided you want to improve your skills and take it a step further or you have never been on the track before, the Racer Training for the Track may be just the ticket. This course includes everything our Advanced Rider Training course covers and you get out to Mission Raceway as well.

    Next Wednesday, April 3rd, we are kicking off our first 2013 session of Racer Training for the Track and we still have some seats available. This course includes a Novice Racing license from the Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club, a value of $200, for those who race with the WMRC in 2013! This license is recognized at tracks in Alberta, Washington, Oregon, and most other areas. You can check out all of the details of the WMRC by going here. With the WMRC license you will also be eligible for Track Daze discounts.

    However, even if you have no interest in ever racing, this course is a great way to improve your skills on your motorcycle and an introduction to riding, not racing, your motorcycle on a track. You do not require full leathers or a motorcycle set up for the racetrack. Textiles are fine for gear and we can prepare your bike for the track in around 10 minutes.

    This course is designed to cater to all levels of riding beyond absolute beginner and is guaranteed to be a blast.

    Wednesday, April 3 (Classroom, Bike Prep, optional and bike not required))
    Wednesday, April 10 (Classroom instruction)
    Saturday, April 13 (Tradex, Abbotsford)
    Sunday, April 14 (Tradex, Abbotsford)
    Friday, April 26 (Mission Raceway)

    Don’t miss out, register today. Take this course and save $$ on future WCSS Track Days @ Mission Raceway Park.

    Here is what you will get:

    Racer Training for the Track - Offered through our partnership with the Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club. This is the simplest and most fun way to prepare for racing. This course covers all aspects of racing including skills, rules, flags, safety, bike preparation and more.

    Course Overview:

    Pit & Track etiquette
    Flags & Safety
    Race & Track day procedures
    Riding & Racing techniques
    Track learning procedures & race lines
    Bike set up


    Instruction by professional licensed road racers
    4 hours of classroom instruction
    Optional evening bike preparation session
    Full-day of riding instruction at Abbotsford Tradex
    Full-day of track instruction at Mission Raceway
    Video analysis of your riding, featuring helmet cam
    Hands on instruction with small student groups
    Lunch & refreshments

    Cost: $465.00 + Tax

    For more information go to www.westcoastsuperbikeschool.com or call Troy at 778-863-0563.

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