2011 Pirelli Pricing and Tech Info

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    Pirelli has released 3 new sizes for this year and they are now here in Vancouver and ready to win races!

    180/60x17 SC1, SC2 Diablo Super Corsa.

    New upgraded carcass and compound for the best side drive grip for 600's and 750's with 5.5" rims. Its a big 180 measuring 193mm across and 15mm larger diameter. This is not a one-size fits all but rather a monster tire built specifically for 600/750's with 5.5" rims.
    Pirelli debuted this tire last weekend in Texas with Pirelli riders dominating the 600 classes.

    200/55x17 SC0,1,2 Diablo Super Corsa.

    Same new carcass and new compounds and the identical tire from World Super Stock Perfect for all 750's with 6.0" rims and 1000's. Huge grip and longevity. Ken Lalonde will break the lap record at Mission with this tire in 2011!

    200/60x17 SC0,1,2 Super Bike Slick.

    Latest compounds developed in WSBK with the new winning profile from the German IDM Championship. Used by Ty Howard in Texas last weekend to win the big classes and also to win the Overall endurance.

    Developed in Germany's IDM Series where all tire brands are allowed the new Pirelli 200/60 dominated despite "special" tires from some other manufactures. This is the exact same tire. Period. NO ONE gets any "special" tires from Pirelli in Canada or anywhere else for that matter. All ride on an equal platform. That's not new news to most racers.

    And the best news of all......

    LOWER prices for 2011:

    180/55 DOT(still a great tire) sets all compounds 349.00 !!!

    180/60 DOT sets all compounds 369.00

    200/55 DOT sets all compounds 385.00

    200/60 SB Slick all compounds 385.00

    Also available at huge discounts are the 190/55 Slicks, these were $225 last year, now just $149.00 !!!

    Also available this year for Trackday/Hypersport street use are the Pirelli Rosso Corsas.

    120/180 sets $319.00 !!!
    120/190/55 sets $339.00 !!!

    These Rosso Corsas are over $600/set through regular distributors !

    Below is some technical info regarding the tires :

    316 Commercial Drive
    Vancouver BC

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    I can't wait to try these babies out. I already thought last year Pirelli were great, and now there better WOW.. See you at the track.

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