2005 600RR Misc parts / racebodywork / chains / sprockets / wheeles / etc

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    Clearing out a lot of the stuff here, pics etc.

    I am located in Victoria, so moderate shipping costs would apply.
    Please email me at lylewarren@gmail.com as I don't get on these forums to often.

    Attack Race body work for 05-06 600rr - $400
    Fairings have a few scratches and such on them. The upper fairing is brand new since last year, with only scratches here and there and one tiny crack on the left side. If you are looking into racing or track days, this is a great set of body work!! High quality Attack Race body stuff. I have the block off plates as well, so I'll throw those in. I do have some dzeus fasteners that I used to fasten this body work, but I've lost some of then. I'll throw those in as well, but you might need to buy a few extras..

    05-06 600rr Galfer RACE brake pads 1375 compound - $40
    Had these on for one track day. Loved them, they brake hard! Lots of life left!

    05-06 600rr 48 tooth rear sprocket +5 - $20
    Used this for Mission a couple of times. This is +5 above stock. Did some research on these forums and determined this was good gearing for Mission. I was happy with it. Only used a few times, so lots of life left.

    05-06 600rr RK gold 520 chain - $60
    The other chain in here came with an extra swing arm I got. I'm pretty sure its a 530 chain, and I don't have the extra master link for it. You'll have to source that. Its FREE to whoever wants it. Not sure how many KM are on it..
    The GOLD RK was only used twice at the track with the 48 rear sprocket. Comes with the extra master rivet style link. Great chain, with super low KM on it.

    05-06 600rr front and rear rotors - FREE
    If I remember correctly one of these front rotors has a slight and TINY warp to it. That's if I remember correctly, they could be true. I received them with a set of extra rims I ordered off ebay. I think I remember mounting them on the bike and observing one side was warped, so I ended up swapping back on my other rotors. Either way, they are free. Get them looked at by a shop or whatever you want.

    03-06 600rr rear rim + SET OF Pirelli Super Corsas
    Rim = $100
    Pirelli Set = $80
    Pirelli Super Corsa tires 120/70ZR-17 front & 180/55ZR-17 rear.
    They were used at the track several times. I'd say 40% or more left.The picture shows the rear tire mounted on the rim, which it currently is. The front is loose at the moment, and you can see it to the left side of the picture.
    The rim is true, has red vinyl tape on the outside. It is off an 03-04 600rr with the glossy black finish, but will fit 05-06.

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