2004 Yamaha YZF-R6 race/track bike for sale $3,200 obo

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    Not my bike, I'm posting this for a friend. Please contact him directly, not through this post (his contact details at bottom of ad):

    2005 Yamaka R6 track bike for sale. This bike was never on the road. Bought it off a friend in Vancouver and wanted to do track but found other hobby. Brand-new set of fiberglass race body never used, not even finished installing. Fairing, full belly fairing with tail, tail piece, under-tail cover, tank cover, front fender. Brand new Zero Gravity race screen. Still have stock one and seat as well. Comes with the stock Yamaha exhaust. Also has after racing rear shock, new battery, fork race valves, race adjustable brake and clutch levers. The bike is already wired and all the switches and non-race necessary switches have been removed and bypassed properly. Brake pads are new, disks are at least 95%. Sport Pirellis are still great. Comes with race stand front and rear as well. It runs fantastic and I still have all the removed parts. This bike has never been registered and is not street legal. Need room in my garage. $3200 O.B.O

    Contact seller directly:
    Paul Mondor
    Victoria, B.C.
    Cell: 250-812-3276
    E-mail: Paul.Iceman.Mondor@gmail.com

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