2002 GSXR600 slipper ID please????

Discussion in 'Tech Area' started by moeracing, Jul 14, 2011.

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    well since I bought the bike and the previous owner stated the clutch was slipping at high rpm I figured it was the clutch paltes....opened it up and found a slipper clutch, he never told me it had one so it is a big bonus. ...now there are no markings or numbers to ID it but it looks and operates like a yoyodyne or sigma. Anyone on here have the instructions for it...especially interetseted in the smaller diamter 1st fiber plate that usually mounts up to the hub on stock units...Yoyodyne suggests it be mounted as the 3rd plate or sometime replaced with a regular fiber, also there are two different spring lengths and colours, only about a mil or two different though...apparently ths is common with sigma slippers. ...after doing lots of research online I found a few instructions and have noted the plates were installed incorrectly on my bike which may have been the cause of the slipping at full throttle...pics of the hub and pressure plate are attached...any assistance is greatly appreciated thanks

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