Taste of Racing


*Taste of Racing will not be held on Sunday, July 14th*

Ready for a taste?

During WMRC race days you can experience the Mission race track with racer led parade laps. Just enough for a taste but enough to get you hooked so you might join the fun!


Register at the tech shack at Mission Raceway by 11:30 a.m. at the latest, as the event will be run during the lunch break.

*Taste of Racing will only be held on race days when the track is dry*

Your bike & gear must pass an inspection. For your safety the WMRC reserves the right to deny track access to inadequately prepared riders and/or equipment.


Class 6 license required.

Full face Helmet (in good condition & ECE 22.05 or Snell 2015 standards)

Boots covering the ankle

Leather or textile jackets

Leather or textile pants (No denim jeans)

Gloves that cover your wrist.  (No fingerless gloves)

Motorcycle inspection:

The motorcycle must be clean and in generally good repair with at least 50% tire tread remaining with properly functioning brakes, throttle and suspension. The chain should in good condition and be properly adjusted.

Absolutely no fluid leaks or drips. No loose parts. If there is any concern about the operating condition of the motorcycle it will not be allowed on the track.


  1. Follow the control rider.
  2. No wheelies, no stunts, etc.
  3. Passing is not allowed.
  4. Do not slow down in your group in order to gain excess speed when catching up.
  5. No drugs or alcohol.
  6. Minimum age 16.